Specified abradant in ASTM F735 to generate abrasion on transparent materials. Used with Taber Oscil..

Abrasive Media, Alundum ZF-12 (50 lb. container)
Specified abradant in \'Bayer Test\' to generate abrasion on lenses. Used with the Bayer Testing Kit..

Bayer Testing Kit
Used with the Taber Oscillating Abrasion Tester to determine abrasion resistance of lenses. Kit incl..

CR39 ISO Standard Plano Lenses (25 pr.)
Replacement standard lenses referenced in \'Bayer Test\' (25 pr.). Used with the Taber Oscillating A..

Specimen Tray Spacers (10 pcs.)
Plexiglas spacers used to shim test specimen to make it flush with bottom of Oscillating Abraser san..

Operating Instructions - Model 6160 Oscillating Abraser
Replacement operating instructions for Model 6160 Oscillating Abrasion (Sand) Tester...